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CHIMNEY LINER (Chimney Flue)


A Chimney Liner aka Chimney Flue in a masonry chimney is defined as "A clay, ceramic, or metal conduit installed inside of a chimney, intended to contain the combustion products, direct them to the outside atmosphere, and protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion." Although building codes vary from one state or locality to another, the installation of Chimney Liner or Flue Lining has been recommended since the early part of this century, and indeed most fire codes now mandate liners.

In the 1940's and again in the 1980's, masonry chimneys were tested by the National Bureau or Standards for durability due to rising concerns about their performance and safety.

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The chimney is one of the most taken-for-granted parts of a home. Typically it tends to receive neither the attention nor the concern usually accorded other household service systems. The fact that chimneys may do their job reasonably well, even when abused or neglected, contributes to this atmosphere of indifference. Chimneys are far from the passive black holes that most people assume them to be. They perform several vital functions, and their simple appearance misrepresents their complex construction and performance requirements.

A chimney deteriorated by constant exposure to the weather can be a potential safety hazard.

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THERMOCRETE (Fireplace Repair)


Thermocrete (Fireplace Repair) is the premier solution for chimney repair and restoration. With our advanced spray technology, several layers of ceramic are sprayed inside each flue. This coating seals all small holes and cracks, strengthens the chimney, and increases efficiency without downsizing the flue significantly.

Ceramic Flue Sealant (CFS) is a chimney restoration product designed for all types of masonry chimneys. It is an ideal product for Fireplace, Commercial and Historic Home chimney repairs.

CFS is applied in a semi-liquid form, providing excellent adhesion to masonry

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Traditional dampers are located in the "throat" of a fireplace. They are made of cast-iron and are housed in a low-tech frame work. Cast-iron plate and frame do not seal tightly, allowing energy dollars to escape.

These cast-iron dampers do not seal well they have a leaky, rough, metal-to-metal seal.

Recent lab studies have shown that even a new throat damper can leak up to $200 of heating and cooling a year. Imagine how much energy an old, rusted out damper leaks!

The Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper seals tightly to save you money.

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With an annual chimney inspection — and possible sweeping — you can improve fireplace and heating flue performance, and snuff out chimney fire and carbon monoxide concerns. Chimney inspection confirms if the chimney liner has the ability to contain the products of combustion (i.e., heat, moisture, creosote, and flue gases)

The byproduct of enjoying a crackling flame is creosote buildup (the major cause of chimney fires) and soot, which can restrict air flow and damage the fireplace chimney. The chimney for the heating flue, gas or oil,

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(Chimney Verification)


New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (NJUCC), requires CHIMNEY CERTIFICATION for replacement of fuel fired equipment. For Oil and Gas Conversions & For Oil to Oil and Gas to Gas Replacements: The Homeowner, prior to installing the new Furnace, Boiler or Hot Water Heater, must make sure that Chimney is in safe condition, and that Chimney Certification is signed and given to the Local Code Enforcement Office.

By signing the Chimney Certification we certify that chimney/vent is free and clear of obstruction and is substantially clean of residue from its previous use serving an oil appliance.

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Who we are!

1 Hour Chimney is Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America

At 1 Hour Chimney we know how difficult it is to find skilled and reliable service technicians who also respect the time and effort you put into the upkeep of your home. We take pride in our work because you take pride in your home!

1 Hour Chimney is Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Accredited and A+ Rated by BBB of NJ, A rated by Angie's List, 5 Star rated by Google and 5 Star rated by Yelp.

AAA Chimney Corp dba 1 Hour Chimney is a family owned company since 1948. Since 2003 the company owners are Tony and Juliette Sapun.

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What our Customers are saying!

Priscila C.

★★★★★”My oil boiler failed so I decided to convert to a new gas furnace. I called 1 hour chimney to inspect and certify the chimney for conversion. Tony came on time ( called 30 minutes before arriving). Inspected the chimney, showed me the”

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Kayla B.

★★★★★”Two years ago we hired 1 Hour Chimney to prepare a third (3!) level 2 inspection on the chimney of a home we wanted to purchase after two other inspections had created a stand-off between ourselves and the original owners. Tony came and...”

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Yana K.

★★★★★”Excellent is an understatement. From my first call to get an estimate to the last step of getting the permit closed by the township, this company exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Everyone I dealt with along the way was very polite and helpful...”

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