Chimney Certification in

Old-Bridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey

New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (NJUCC), requires CHIMNEY CERTIFICATION aka CHIMNEY VERIFICATION for replacement of fuel fired equipment. For Oil and Gas Conversions and For Oil to Oil and Gas to Gas Replacements: The Homeowner, prior to installing the new Furnace, Boiler or Hot Water Heater, must make sure that Chimney is in safe condition, and that Chimney Certification/Verification is signed and given to the Local Code Enforcement Office.

By signing the Chimney Certification we certify that chimney/vent is free and clear of obstruction and is substantially clean of residue from its previous use serving an oil appliance. We further certify that the chimney/vent is appropriately lined and sized for the appliance being installed. Chimney Certification in New Jersey


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