Fireplace Repair and Chimney Repair

Maplewood, Essex County, New Jersey

Three solutions for your fireplace

Thermocrete Premier Soltion for Flue repairs (no flue size reduction)

SmoktiteSmoke chamber ceramic solution

Smoke GuardRepair smoky fireplaces


Maplewood, Essex County, New Jersey

Fireplace Repair Maplewood, Essex County, New Jersey, NJ. Thermocrete is the premier solution for chimney, fireplace repair and restoration in New Jersey. With our advanced spray technology, several layers of ceramic are sprayed inside each flue. This coating seals all small holes and cracks, strengthens the chimney, and increases efficiency without downsizing the flue significantly.

Ceramic Flue Sealant (CFS) is a chimney restoration product designed for all types of masonry chimneys. It is an ideal product for Fireplace, Commercial and Historic Home chimney repairs.

The patented CFS material: 1. Withstands extremely high temperatures 2. Eliminates the need to downsize the flue substantially 3. Keeps costs contained, even for multiple-flue chimneys 4. Increases structural stability 5. Withstands corrosive elements that damage many types of liners

Fireplace Repair Maplewood, Essex County, New Jersey, NJ. CFS is applied in a semi-liquid form, providing excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces, coating the entire interior surface of the flue, and filling small gaps in the masonry work with a fireproof seal. Multiple layers of the ceramic material are applied, forming a complete and durable chimney sealant, unsurpassed in the industry. Moreover, it doesn’t substantially reduce the size of the flue. This is important. The flue capacity must be sufficient to handle the volume of exhaust from the fireplace, stove or furnace. Reducing the flue size can result in smoke spilling into the home, or worse yet, allowing carbon monoxide to enter the home, a potentially lethal situation.

Thermocrete products are tested and listed by Warnock Hersey to the strict standards of UL 1777. Rigorous testing guarantees consistent product quality and durability.

Why Thermocrete?

If you have done your homework on chimneys, you might have noticed that many other products are listed, too. What makes CFS different?

Let’s consider a car analogy: Your car needs a new paint job. Do you take it to the quick-mart place, or do you bring it to a leading, professional shop? The quick-mart job will get you a nice looking car – for a little while, at least. When you drive it home, it will look great, just as good as it would if the pros did the job. But once the elements get to it – rain, snow, road salt, sand – things might not stay looking so good. You’ve seen those cars on the road, with the paint peeling and coming off. “There goes someone who went to the quick-mart place.”

So, how will your chimney stand up, over time? The fact that the chimney needed repair in the first place is often due to corrosive elements: sulfurous emissions from burning oil, chlorides from burning gas, or creosote from burning wood; and often a combination over time of multiple corrosive agents. Just about any installation will look great on day one, and many products will pass a certification test. But what about next year, or ten years from now? This is where CFS shines.

The ceramic CFS layer isn’t subject to the problems of corrosion that many metallic lining systems face, because it is not metallic in the first place. Doesn’t it make sense that a ceramic material, one of a class of materials that people have been using for thousands of years for the sake of durability and heat resistance, would make the perfect chimney material?

What CFS brings to the industry is a patented, world-class ceramic formula, specifically designed for your chimney system. The CFS formula gets it right.

Best Solution?

Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Sealant (CFS) is a listed system for repair of chimney lining and relining products. Thermocrete CFS only reduces the flue size very slightly therefore maintaining the important draft qualities of your fireplace or heating system

All other methods reduce the size of your flue substantially and a smoky and smelly fireplace is a common result. Thermocrete USA can offer you a cost effective solution with a lifetime warranty. Make this important decision for the life of your chimney.

Smoktite Repair

Essex County, New Jersey

There is a hidden hazard in your home that chimney professionals at 1 Hour Chimney want you to know about, the SMOKE CHAMBER.

This commonly overlooked area may require repairs to meet the current standards and prevent a potential structure fire in New Jersey.

Until now, it has been necessary to remove the damper frame and adjacent brickwork in order to hand trowel a cement-type material onto the masonry surface. This option was difficult and costly, but now there is...

Smoktite is a unique ceramic product that is sprayed in smoke chambers to seal holes and gaps. It creates a smooth, highly insulative coating that is impervious to acids, vapors, and water – and is good to 3000º Fahrenheit!

Smoke Guard

Maplewood, Essex County, New Jersey

Do small amounts of smoke leak out the top of my fireplace? This can be caused by an undersized flue or oversized fireplace. A sometimes simple solution is the addition of a Smoke Guard in New Jersey. The smoke guard reduces the size of your fireplace opening and may reduce it enough to create a proper draft.

Fireplace Repair Maplewood, Essex County,  New Jersey, NJ


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